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By David Freeman They say variety is the spice of life, and provocative new research by scientists in Ohio suggests that that holds true in the world of human sex and reproduction.

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After all, the more you know about what your body appreciates the most, the better the sex with your partner.

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At a certain point, they reached a part of the cave that was pitch-black.

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Heading off to college can change a person's masturbation routine.

Oral Sex 101: What You Need to Know About "Going Down"

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Oct 11, Warner Bros.

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I stood there buck naked in my kitchen and screamed my head off with my hands fisted at my sides, my feet stomping.

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The money Dirk gave me will supplement Jolie's half of my rent for a while.

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And I wasn't talking the kinky way.

What It’s Like to Go To a Masturbation Coach

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" I choked back a cry.

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" Not even five minutes later, he was still holding me and offering words of encouragement when the front door opened and closed.

Just like that.

I was still mulling over how to broach the subject when we met for coffee, but then your mom called.

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